6 League Play

6.1 Casual Play
6.2 Competitive Play

There are two types of league play, casual and competitive. Establishing a balanced competitive league is difficult. These rules do not attempt to do so; instead, they provide a consistent and fair system with an option for scoring and ranking if the players and league organizers want to use it.

6.1 Casual Play

In casual play, commanders play narrative scenarios designed by league organizers and casual scenarios between forces. This is an open ended format that lasts as long as commanders want to play.

At any point, a new commander can join the league or a current commander can replace their force with a new one. Any new force must follow the Force Construction rules. A commander may run multiple forces so long as the logistics and finances of each force remain separate.

Any optional or advanced rules should be agreed upon per scenario or for the entire league. For example, league organizers could ban the Fire For Effect optional rule for all league games. Advanced Force Maintenance and Improvement rules should be consistent across the league; for example, Advanced Refit needs to be available to all forces or banned from all forces. Each side should agree upon any available optional or advanced rules for each scenario they play, such as Multiple Attack Rolls or Special Pilot Abilities.

After each scenario, the players repair and update their forces per the Force Maintenance and Improvements rules. Commanders should keep track of the outcomes of all scenarios and changes to their force, as shown on the sample force roster and scenario logistics tracker.

The league organizers may advance the era for the league. Commanders would then need to use the Changing Eras rules for their force.

Additional restrictions may be enforced by league organizers, such as league play only occurring at a specific location, but any such restrictions must be announced in advance.

6.2 Competitive Play

In competitive play, commanders play a series of scenarios in a Swiss-system tournament.

A commander can only use a single force for the tournament. League organizers may require new forces for the tournament or allow forces that have been used in casual play.

Any optional or advanced rules must be agreed upon in advance and consistent across the tournament play. For example, league organizers could permit Advanced Refit rules while disallowing Design Quirks and Special Pilot Abilities for the tournament.

The scenarios in the tournament should only be 1v1. Each commander should play a different opponent during each scenario, if possible. The last scenario should be a large scale event that requires a significant portion of each commander’s forces.

Commanders may only use C-bills earned during the tournament to repair and update their forces per the Force Maintenance and Improvements rules after a scenario. League organizers may give forces an initial maintenance budget.

Each 1,000,000 C-bills earned during a scenario is worth 1 point for scoring. The C-bills earned includes primary objectives, secondary objectives, and salvage. The players rankings are updated after each scenario. Ties are broken by the lowest total BV lost across all scenarios thus far, which destroyed units counting as their full BV and units in forced withdrawal counting as half their full BV.

At the end of these scenarios, winners are determined by their ranking. Additional winners may be determined for specific categories, such as Best Painted Force or Best Force Lore.