2 Background

The Outworlds Alliance was founded in 2413 and largely enjoyed prosperity throughout the Star League Era. At the start of the Amaris Civil War in 2766, the Outworlds Alliance contained 135 major systems organized into 7 administrative districts. The Succession Wars that followed the fall of the Star League in 2780 were particularly difficult for the Outworlds Alliance, and they had to abandon systems that they no longer had the resources or infrastructure to support. By the end of the Third Succession War in 3025, the Outworlds Alliance only had 36 systems remaining.

Clan Snow Raven began exploring the Periphery soon after the end of Operation REVIVAL in 3052. The Outworlds Alliance and Clan Snow Raven encountered each other and began developing mutual respect and a tentative alliance in 3064. Clan Snow Raven took refuge in the Outworlds Alliance following their abjuration from the Clan Homeworlds after the Wars of Reaving in 3075. In 3083, Clan Snow Raven and the Outworlds Alliance merged to form the Raven Alliance. By the ilClan Trial in 3151, the Raven Alliance contained 47 systems.

Most of these lost worlds form a region known as the Outworlds Wastes. The exact number of lost systems varies from era to era, but the Outworlds Alliance has abandoned approximately 90 systems. Many factions are eager to explore these systems in search of lost Star League technology or to take refuge from the political machinations of the Inner Sphere successor states.

You command a combined arms force exploring the Outworlds Wastes for your faction. Commanders compete with other factions in the Outworlds Wastes to grow their force and recover lost technology. Common factions for the region include

These factions are the most prevalent in the region, but many other factions may be found in the Outworlds Wastes. Commanders can pick the faction any find interesting.

League organizers pick the current era for the league; organizers can select any era after the fall of the Star League. The era determines unit availability and the most common factions present in the Outworlds Wastes. Commanders should ask the league organizers which era the league currently is in.