1 Introduction

BattleTech: Outworlds Wastes provides rules for a casual BattleTech league and simplified campaign logistics. Players take the role of a commander leading a combined arms force in the Outworlds Wastes searching for lost technology and glory. Completing objectives in scenarios earns C-bills that commanders use to maintain and upgrade their forces. Commanders play scenarios in multiple formats, such as BattleTech: Total Warfare and BattleTech: Alpha Strike.



These rules cover background information, player rules, league organizer information, and reference material. The background information describes the Outworlds Wastes region and the BattleTech: Outworlds Wastes rules. Force Construction rules and Force Maintenance and Improvements rules are the minimum rules needed for a player to begin Outworlds Wastes league play. Scenario design and league scoring rules are provided for league organizers. The reference materials include a region map, a list of references, and sample tables for tracking a commander’s forces.


BattleTech: Outworlds Wastes is fan-made and based upon the official BattleTech rules from Catalyst Game Labs. BattleTech: Outworlds Wastes adds simplified campaign logistics and force management rules along with sample scenarios and scoring. See the References for a list of official Catalyst Game Labs products that BattleTech: Outworlds Wastes specifically references.

Questions and Downloads

BattleTech: Outworlds Wastes is online at https://outworlds-wastes.jeremylt.org. The BattleTech: Outworlds Wastes GitHub repository is at https://github.com/Eudicods/outworlds-wastes. You can ask questions as GitHub Issues or download the latest BattleTech: Outworlds Wastes rules.


BattleTech: Outworlds Wastes would not have been possible without hours of discussion, questions, and editing on the Colorado BattleTech Discord server or the months of gameplay and testing.


This website is current as of May 18, 2024.